About ready to wear hats

 Ready to wear hats are ones that I've made because I was inspired to. I can make almost anything in the ready to wear list in a different size or color. Just let me know.


Dress Weight Hats

Classic fedoras, dress hats, hiking and adventure hats made by hand. These hats are a lighter dress weight that's softer and comfortable to wear wherever you go.

Ready to wear hats are available in rabbit, nutria, or beaver.

Rabbit is sustainable and less expensive to produce. With regular wear, a rabbit hat will last about ten years if you treat it well.

Nutria is a  sustainable alternative to beaver. It produces a high quality (similar to beaver) felt that is naturally water resistant. With reasonable care, it will last you a lifetime.

Beaver is the gold standard in hat making. It's a legacy hat that will outlast you.

Western and Cowboy Hats

Western and cowboy hats are made from heavier and more rigid felts and can be made from beaver, beaver/hare blends, or nutria. They're made to withstand rugged outdoor use.These some of my most popular styles.