About custom made hats

Custom hats are all about you. They can be as clean and classic or gussied up as you want.

How It Works

 We'll get started on your custom hat by with a conversation about just what you want in your hat and what you plan to use it for.

We'll also into take into account your hair and eye color, face shape and physique, proportions, skin tone, and preferred colors. 

I'll get an exact measurement (yes, we can do this remotely) of your head and determine your head shape.

I can add special hat bands, feathers, jewellery, pins, or embroidery to make your hat a unique expression you. A hat really is a bit of magic.

Custom made hats can be made of rabbit, nutria, or beaver. Although, for a truly heirloom quality custom hat, I'd recommend nutria or beaver.

Rabbit is sustainable and less expensive to produce. With regular wear, a rabbit hat will last about ten years if you treat it well.

Nutria is a  sustainable alternative to beaver. It produces a high quality (similar to beaver) felt that is naturally water resistant. With reasonable care, it will last you a lifetime.

Beaver is the gold standard in hat making. It's a legacy hat that will outlast you.

If you want to order a hat, I'll need a 50% deposit to get started. You hat will take 4-6 weeks, although sometimes I can get it done in less.

I'll send you pictures and updates along the way, and probably have a few questions.

Once your hat is ready for shipping or pick up, you'll pay the remaining 50% and your hat will be sent out in a special, sturdy hat box.

You'll love it!

I don't take returns on custom orders, but I will do a revision if there's something you don't like.



Hats speak volumes without saying a word.